I couldn’t live without …

Today’s Writers’ Bootcamp topic actually works nicely for me. I’m going to end the open-to-interpretation topic of “I couldn’t live without” with “music when I run or exercise” which ties nicely into a post that Natasha at Raising Men shared her running playlist earlier this week and asked me to contribute to.

So, without further ado, I give you my current top 10 (current) favourite songs that I couldn’t live without…when I run or exercise!  Read more

One of my greatest fears.

As a mother this is an easy one. I mean, it’s a scary one but probably the most obvious.

My biggest fear is my children having to go through life, from a young age, without me or David.

Whether it’s as a result of death or a strained relationship, the idea of either of my boys not having me to turn to, destroys me.

I guess I fear what has ultimately happened in my own life as a child, happening to my children and, fate aside, I’ll do all I can to avoid that ever happening.

PS: I really hope that the next Writers Bootcamp post topic has more positive connotations…so far all I’m doing is letting out streams of tears during the writing of each post!

My 5 favourite words in English (or any language)

This is my second post in the Writers’ Bootcamp challenge and I’m anxious about all of the intellectual posts that will come out of this assignment. Without going into a thesaurus, I don’t think I could pluck 5 words from the air that I love. So this is my take:

It’s a word I hear hundreds, no, thousands of times a day and have heard for at least the last 4 years. It can be grating, endearing and annoying to hear it so often. But it is also the sweetest word I first heard around 4 years ago. It’s a word that sometimes defines me, sometimes deflates me. It sometimes lives like a worry hanging over my head, but most of the time it’s a word I wear like a prized rosette, pinned to my shirt every day for all the world to see and admire.

It’s “Mommy”Read more

Even if you know me well, you don’t know this.

I was born in Rustenburg in 1982 but didn’t live there long before we moved to Wales, in the United Kingdom, where I grew as a toddler, singing Welsh Christmas carols and stuffing carrots up my baby sister’s nose. She was born just after I was 17 months old.

After a holiday back home to Zimbabwe, my parents decided to stay, so my father went back to Wales to pack up our lives and we settled into a home close to my father’s parents in an affluent Harare suburb.

During my first year at a historic, girls-only private senior school in Harare, my mother took a job that meant we needed to leave Zimbabwe. I was devastated. I lost the friends that I’d had for over 7 years and was moved to a country I didn’t know. I miss those people and that care-free life.

I walked into an enormous South African, co-ed high school in September of 1995 and I was terrified. I still have that feeling when I go somewhere new, where I feel like people have been there for far longer than I have.  Read more

Brothers in arms. At long last.

For so, SO long, I thought that my boys would never be friends. Fighting would start from the moment they opened their eyes. “That’s MY blankie//plate/chair/mommy!” The whining was incessant. The tears flowed and bath time was a daily nightmare. They were NOT friends.

Spongebob & Patrick Fighting

This weekend, things seemed to change. They set my mind at ease. Sure, they had their moments [I've discovered that bath time should probably be alone time for now, maybe a good time for Dave and I to spend one-on-one time with each of them] when they were tired and a little irritable, but for the most part, Luca & Mika were attached at the hip for two solid days, without incident.

This, people, is a record.  Read more

Come dine with the Dadics

Forget having three mystery guests popping over for dinner, two of whom won’t eat chicken or any pasta-based dishes or who one who is allergic to salt, anything cooked in water and human-beings … in our house, we have four different sets of dietary requirements.


I eat everything. Yip. Everything. I mean I don’t eat everything all the time, but I’ve yet to find anything that I really dislike. Dave is lactose intolerant but eats pretty much anything and everything I put in front of him. Mika is willing to try almost anything at least once and on a good day will motor through a bowl of peas, on top of whatever else he’s already eaten. And then Luca. Luca. Luca only eats things he can personally identify and, and at 4 years and 9 months old, that’s only really a handful of things.  Read more

Do you even shape, gurl?

A couple of months ago I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. I was working TOO hard and not looking after myself. My skin was taking a beating and I was miserable. As girls do, I sent a very self-pitying Whatsapp message to my friend Natasha to show her how AWFUL my skin was and to get some sympathy. Natasha’s response to the close up of my watery eyes and spotty forehead? “PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS, NICKI!”

Mortified. Thanks Natasha ;)  Read more