Its the middle of April already?

Life has been chaotic lately. That’s putting it mildly, really. The fact that Dave and I are still married and I haven’t eaten my young, is a miracle in itself.

Today was the second day of a project management course I attended, at which the topic of time management and prioritising was discussed. My need for to-do lists, set in some sort of order of importance, is great. I feel like I am a exhausted, headless, hungover chicken, being pulled in 15 different directions, 24 hours a day …

  • Work is busy. Good busy, but if I don’t slow down and stop being so reactive, I’m going to hit a wall. I need to plan. Oy.
  • Our new home is amazing. Despite the mess, it’s felt like home from the very first night. My kitchen is HUGE. Luca LOVES the garden. Even Becks (the cat) is more settled that she’s been in the 10 years that I’ve known her!
  • It’s just dawned on me that it’s almost just a month till Luca turns 3. THREE! Seriously, where have the last 3 years gone? I also haven’t paid a single thought to what I need to do for his birthday party. He wants a Thomas (the Train) party. I thought we’d have it at home, since we now have the space. But (a) it WILL be cold, so outside won’t be great and (b) do I REALLY want to have to arrange a whole lot of stuff for home? Hmm …
  • Mika, the gorgeous little nunu-pie-bum-squishy-little-love-muffin is NOT SLEEPING THROUGH. Now I know all babies are different and etc, but REALLY. He’s happy, healthy (we call him the “BFB”) and there’s NO reason why he shouldn’t be sleeping through. I did notice an improvement when we moved him into his own room in the new house, but he’s still waking twice a night. He just really wakes, has a bottle and nods off immediately, so it’s not a big deal or anything. But, SH!T, what I wouldn’t do for a solid 8 hours!
  • Mika is 6 months today. Again, I ask, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING???
  • I broke smashed my iPhone screen. Again. I dropped it and cracked the back glass ages ago, but ignored it by keeping my cover on at all times. Then this weekend I whipped a folded up curtain off the counter top and watched as my phone leapt (in slow motion) up into the air and landed flat, on it’s back, on the kitchen tiles … it’s face splintering before my very eyes. It was traumatic, to say the least. Anyway, the thought of driving out to the repair spot in Northriding sent me into a fit of nausea/panic, so I reached out to my fellow Apple Addict, Tanya, who told me about the iFix store in Melrose Arch. Thanks to them, I know have a gorgeous new front and back glass casing and a HAWT pink Hard Candy cover.
  • I contacted the amazing people at Toca Boca, with the intention of hopefully promoting their apps (which are a HUGE favourite in our house!) and really had a great experience with them. Paulina, who’s in charge of all of their social media, was amazing, accommodating and just super easy to work with. If you HAVEN’T already got all of the quirky Toca Boca iPhone/iPad apps, you’re missing out.
  • I feel very “all over the show”. More so than I have in ages. I am one of those people who does well under pressure and when chaos reigns. But right now, with all that’s happening, I’m feeling kinda “lost”. Which is why I booked a session with Rosemary, an Astro-Coach. I’ve never been to someone like this, but after hearing and reading about Melinda’s experience, I can’t wait to meet with this incredible woman. She works out of Moemas on a Thursday … coffee, pastries and star charts. Yes please.
  • I’ve realised that winter soups make awesome purees for Mika – so have been cooking up a storm! Let me know your favourite soup recipe (nothing too complex, I’m a cooking-rookie!) and I’ll attempt to give it a bash.

For now, that’s it. Not really, but if I spend any more time thinking about all the things I NEED to do, I’m going to give myself a headache. I need to remember this …

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Night night x